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NuStart Finance is pleased to be able to help you get the loan you need in order to purchase a new truck for business or pleasure!

Being mobile is essential to businesses. If you’re looking to invest in a new truck for either purpose, we work with a number of financiers and can help you get your Truck Loan sorted fast. Whether you’re credit history is impeccable, or had issues in the past, we can tailor a finance solution to every individual situation.

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Truck Loan Benefits

With NuStart Finance you can enjoy a number of added benefits:

  • With our fast service we aim to have you approved the same business day
  • Depending on the financier, you could reduce the interest of your loan with early repayment options
  • Tax benefits may apply – speak to an accountant to see if your business is eligible

For more information, contact one of our experienced consultants today.

Truck Loan Features

Some of the truck loans include the following features:

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Loan length flexibility for a number of years
  • Residual value or balloon payments available (a lump sum payment at the end of a contract that settles the debt) for loan terms up to 60 months.

New Or Used Truck Loans

There are many positives to financing the purchase of a new or used truck. From first-time buyers to businesses wanting to replace an old fleet, a Truck Loan may be the perfect option if you’re not in a financial position to buy outright. The process is quick and simple to understand and when it comes to budgeting, it’s pleasingly straight forward.

Since last year we helped over 1,000 clients from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to source a great finance deal. Whether you need finance for business or personal use, our team can take the stress out of the application process and find a lender that suits your needs.

Our experienced NuStart Finance consultants will assist you in finding a suitable financier and will even help negotiate a great deal for your new or used truck. So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with one of our experienced truck loan consultants on 1300 000 123 for easy to get truck finance that works for you.


How long does the whole process take?

We aim to submit your application the same business day you apply. Our team work hard to get your best finance deal quickly, so you won’t be waiting long. Apply Online Today.

What is a Finance/Novated Lease?

Finance Lease: If you use your car predominantly for business purposes and you have an ABN, you may be eligible. With this lease, the lender buys the vehicle and leases it to you. You then make regular lease payments to use the vehicle. At the end of the lease term you can either purchase or return the vehicle.

Available to body corporates and sole traders/partnerships where the vehicle will be used predominantly for your business (50% or more).

Novated Lease: Depending on your employer, you may have the option of receiving a vehicle as part of your salary package. As an employee, you remain the registered owner throughout the Novated Lease, while your employer organises repayments from your salary. If you leave the company, you organise the repayments directly, unless your new employer takes over the Novated Lease.

Can I apply for a loan if I’m currently bankrupt or recently discharged from bankruptcy?

Yes you can. At Nustart Finance we have a panel of different lenders we have access to; they all have different lending criteria. It depends on your individual situation as to what options are available, and what lender we can look at getting you an approval through based on their credit criteria.

Can I sell my vehicle if it is under finance?

All vehicles are held as a security whilst under finance. For the car to be sold the security needs to be lifted and for that to happen the total amount owing on the loan has to be paid out. Contact your lender for more information.

What loan terms could I get?

We can help you choose any term between 2 -7 years depending on your affordability to pay the loan and how soon you would like to finish the loan.

Bad Credit Loans

We understand that things can happen in the past, so our aim is to find finance solutions by looking at your current situation & not just your credit rating.

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Your Repayments

See how much you could be repaying with our online loan calculator. You can choose the amount, loan length and interest rate.

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