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Guaranteed approval explained

Posted 12th August, 2015 in Finance Tips


What is guaranteed approval?

In the finance world, the term ‘Guaranteed Approval’ is uncommon. Some lenders may market ‘Guaranteed Approval’ to attract people who’ve had bad credit history or think they won’t qualify with mainstream lenders.

Guaranteed approval is when a loan is automatically approved or ‘Guaranteed’. The reason why guaranteed approval is rarely seen is because lenders are legally obligated to conduct an assessment of the loans suitability and affordability before a lending decision is made.

Worried about finance? Apply for pre-approval instead

We believe that if you have had bad credit in the past, you should speak to one of our experienced loan consultants. We have access to a network of lenders and even a lender that specialises in bad credit assistance.

We do not offer guaranteed approvals, instead we work hard to find you pre-approval on a great finance deal (subject to assessment).

We could help you obtain pre-approval for a:

  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Motorbike Loan
  • Caravan Loan
  • Truck Loan
  • Equipment Loan

We look into your financial situation past and present to find ways to get you a great deal on finance. We do all the hard work and negotiating on your behalf to get you pre-approval. By obtaining pre-approval, we can then help you locate a new car and you can expect a repayment structure that fits your budget.

Step 1: Submit your application online

Step 2: We’ll call you & arrange finance

Step 3: You get pre-approved! (subject to assessment)


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