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Exceptional professionalism and personalisation

Posted 24th September, 2015 in NuStart Reviews

I would like to give some feedback about one of your team, Inder Singh for the exceptional service I received from him last week.  Working in an Area Management role I find it amazing how many people are quick to complain about bad service, however I believe credit should be given when credit is due.

I was in a car accident the week prior in Sydney and my car was written off.  Unfortunately, I live in Bathurst so the stress was really weighing on me on how to get home and how I was going to finance a new car.  On top of this, I needed a car for my role (I look after 6 stores in the Central West). Further, I don’t have the best credit history.

I applied for a loan with Nustart on Monday 21.9.15  and Inder was quick to respond.  He was very empathetic to my situation, however was professional and said to me “I will try and get you in a car by Friday”.  He understood my position and was very patient, giving me all avenues to get back on the road.  He was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed (I’ve never had to do this before).

He understood I was very busy with work and was happy to accommodate my needs.  I was still in Sydney at this time staying at a friends house, and I was still stressing about the whole situation.  When it came to the point of faxing off all of my stuff, I was still having trouble getting everything together for him and sending my documents etc.  On the phone he could hear the stress in my voice, Inder was persistent but not pushy and said “I’m not letting you go until we get this right”.  Probably the biggest standout was Inder told me he bumped me to the top of the list because he could see how urgent this was.

Not only did Inder offer to assist with my finance but he actually found a dealer about 50kms away from where I was staying, he brokered a deal for me on a New Holden Cruze.

The next day I received a phone call saying congratulations on the loan approval and the car will be ready on the Friday.  Inder gave me all the details and told me what the next step was.  Once the car was made ready he actually organised for the salesperson to come and collect me to drive me to the dealership to take delivery of my new car, a 100kms round trip. As he had said at the beginning of the week, “I’ll try and get you in car on Friday” which is exactly what happened and I was on my way home to Bathurst that day in my new car.

Again, working in a management role, great service from my team is expected and I always give credit when it is due.  I believe Inder should be given credit for his professional yet personal service, for without him I probably would still be stressing out about a car! Please recognise Inder on his exceptional work, urgency, professionalism and personalisation of his service.  I know that I will have no reservations in recommending Inder and Nustart to anyone who needs a loan!



the client Josh is from New South Wales


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