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When it comes to finance, it’s good to know how much you might be repaying before you apply.

This is why we’ve created our Online Repayment Calculator, so whether you’re after a car loan, equipment finance, boat loan or personal loan, you can calculate your estimated repayments.


Flexible Repayment Terms

Here are just some of the repayment features that you could have in your loan contract;

  • Loan terms from 1 to 7 years,
  • Option to repay early,
  • Opportunity to upgrade

Loan Terms From 1 to 7 Years

Our experienced consultants will work out the term of your loan according to the amount you can repay on each repayment. If you would like to repay your loan within a certain time-frame e.g. 5 years, then our brokers will work out much that would cost you every week, fortnight or month depending on your pay cycle.

Option to Repay Early

Depending on the financier, you could minimise your loan term by making additional repayments. We understand that if you work under a commission structure or have a little bit extra at the end of the month you may want to add repayments to your loan.

Opportunity to Upgrade

If you wish to upgrade your car anytime during your loan term, we could organise your next loan and car for you. All applications are still subject to assessment and your repayments may increase depending on the car you choose.

See what your repayments could be today and use our Online Car Loan Calculator.

Structured Direct Debits

Here are some of the direct debit features that will be in your loan contract;

  • Repayments matched to your pay cycle
  • Directly Debited from your account

Repayments Matched to Your Pay Cycle

Before your loan is settled, we’ll try to structure your repayments so it matches your pay cycle. If you’re paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly we could organise a structured repayment plan for you. If you are self-employed and paid irregularly, our team will work out a repayment schedule that works best for you.

Directly Debited from your account

All structured repayments will be directly debit from your nominated bank account on the agreed times. Depending on your loan contract, you could make additional repayments. All repayments cannot be made by credit card.

For all details surrounding your repayments just contact us on 1300 000 123.

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Your Repayments

See how much you could be repaying with our online loan calculator. You can choose the amount, loan length and interest rate.

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