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Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection Insurance is used in the event of unexpected death, sickness, injury or involuntarily unemployment.

Loan protection insurance will give you one less thing to worry about during a stressful time. It ensures that the loan repayments are met or, in the event of unexpected death, your loan contract is paid out, subject to policy limits.

You may have thought about insuring your car, home and other possessions but have you ever thought about protecting your loan from the unexpected? Speak to one of our experienced insurance consultants today on 1300 883 983.

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This type of insurance is designed to protect you against the risk of not being able to make loan repayments should the above happen. Furthermore there are a number of benefits you can rely on with loan protection insurance such as:

  • Safe-guarding your family against the unexpected
  • The ability to choose the cover combination that suits you
  • The scope to combine your premium into the amount that you initially borrow

For more information on loan protection insurance, don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants today

How do I apply for Loan Protection Insurance?

Applying for Loan Protection Insurance couldn’t be easier. You can purchase Loan Protection Insurance at the time you take out a loan through NuStart Finance. For more information about purchasing Loan Protection Insurance, call one of our consultants today on 1300 883 983.

What’s the right Loan Protection Insurance for me?

People have different financial needs, which is why Loan Protection Insurance could be for you. Options under such policies may include the ability to select loan protection due to involuntary unemployment, disability and/or death as separate items, or you may find a policy that covers all of these issues together. Importantly, consider what you require from your policy before making this choice. Our friendly team can help.

Will Loan Protection Insurance protect my credit file?

Your credit file can be adversely affected by inconsistent or irregular loan repayments. Loan Protection Insurance, subject to policy limitations, can help by maintaining these repayments at times when you are unable to due to unforeseen circumstances for which you are insured.

You can call us from anywhere in Australia such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and we could organise car insurance for you. Our experienced team could get you the insurance you need quickly.

Get in touch with one of our experienced consultants on 1300 883 983 for easy to get loan protection insurance that works for you.

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