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Businesses that need a vehicle or industrial equipment fast without risking capital outlay can enter into a Tax Based Finance Lease agreement.
These arrangements allow financiers to purchase the asset you need and lease it to your business. Some of the benefits are:

  • Get assets you need quickly without setting aside capital
  • No ownership, so no long-term risk
  • Possibility of purchasing the asset at the end of the lease at financiers discretion
  • Manage cash flow easily and predictably
  • Potential tax benefits — consult your accountant for specifics

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Business owners are sometimes lacking key assets but don’t have the capital or resources to invest in them. In these instances some financiers may be willing to buy the asset and rent it to your business according to an agreed-upon term and monthly fee.

At the end of the lease the financier owns the vehicle and can auction it or give your business the option to purchase. At the completion of the lease the financier gives you the option of purchasing the asset for the Residual Value. Certain expenses may be deductible or eligible for tax credits. To find out the details for your specific situation speak to an accountant.

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Details & Benefits of Tax Based Finance Lease Agreements

Tax Based Finance Lease Agreements are excellent for businesses that need large industrial equipment like earth movers, agricultural vehicles or manufacturing machines, to grow or sustain revenue.

  • Fixed lease term with fixed monthly payments
  • Lender finances 100 percent of the asset
  • A Residual Value must be in place
  • No upfront deposits required
  • Financier will usually auction vehicle at end of lease, unless you opt to purchase
  • If auctioned price is higher than Residual Value, you may receive the difference as a taxable income
  • If auctioned price is lower than Residual Value, you will pay the difference
  • The financier usually takes security over the asset

Details may vary based on business, financier, or situation. Contact your accountant for individual advice.

Don’t wait a day more than you have to for the equipment you need to help your business grow. We can help you find a lender willing to enter a Tax Based Lease Financing Agreement on behalf of your business.

You can call us from anywhere in Australia such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and we could organise finance for you. Our experienced team could get you a great finance deal quickly and organise a new or used vehicle at the same time.

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What is a Finance/Novated Lease?

Finance Lease: If you use your car predominantly for business purposes and you have an ABN, you may be eligible. With this lease, the lender buys the vehicle and leases it to you. You then make regular lease payments to use the vehicle. At the end of the lease term you can either purchase or return the vehicle.

Available to body corporates and sole traders/partnerships where the vehicle will be used predominantly for your business (50% or more).

Novated Lease: Depending on your employer, you may have the option of receiving a vehicle as part of your salary package. As an employee, you remain the registered owner throughout the Novated Lease, while your employer organises repayments from your salary. If you leave the company, you organise the repayments directly, unless your new employer takes over the Novated Lease.

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