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Hire Purchasing is a flexible option for those who do not want to lease a vehicle.

Hire Purchase Agreements let someone use a vehicle or asset and make monthly payments on the asset and assume ownership once the full value plus interest is paid off.

  • Get use of the vehicle or asset immediately
  • User does not own vehicle/equipment until payments are complete
  • Generally fewer fees than other financing options
  • Flexible repayment length & amount offered by most financiers

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Many businesses consider hire purchasing a happy medium between vehicle loans and lease agreements. Leasing does not always give the user the option to own the car at the end of the agreement. Hire Purchase Agreements will allow the user to own the vehicle.

Hire Purchase for Businesses

Many businesses choose to enter hire purchase agreements to obtain heavy equipment, industrial vehicles or expensive tools needed to expand or continue business activities. The flexibility of hire purchasing and the negligible upfront investment make it easy to obtain the needed assets fast and without capital outlay.

Benefits include:

  • Potential eligibility for GST Input Tax Credits — Consult your Accountant for more information
  • Easy cash flow management
  • Upfront deposit may be negotiable or entirely optional

Businesses can expand their fleet or purchase equipment that will help them earn revenue and expand with these agreements. Contact one of our experienced consultants to find a Hire Purchasing Agreement that fits your business’s needs today.

What’s the Difference Between a Lease, Vehicle Loan and Hire Purchase?


  • User does not own vehicle
  • User is typically obligated to uphold residual value
  • Ownership of vehicle not guaranteed

Vehicle Loan:

  • Buyer must meet income qualifications and other minimum standards
  • Interest can be higher than hire purchase for some financiers
  • Buyer officially owns car and assumes risk of ownership
  • Loan may be secured or unsecured

Hire Purchase:

  • Financer owns vehicle
  • Unlike lease, user is making payments towards ownership

The exact details of all three of these products will vary based upon the applicant, the financier, the vehicle and the given situation.

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