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Whatever your financial history, get yourself or your business back on the road quicker with a bad credit truck loan through NuStart Finance.

Sometimes trucks are necessary to get the work you need done. Sometimes having a bigger rig is just what you need. We have helped hundreds with good or bad credit to find the right truck loan and get that little more power on the road.

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You can expect NuStart to provide:

  • Quick and efficient response times
  • A financier willing to work with your credit history
  • Flexible loan terms like 1-7 years
  • Options to reduce interest, like down payments
  • The ability to refinance with cheaper rate after credit improves
  • Some features like balloon payments
  • Loan options like Hire Purchase or Chattel Mortgage

Trucks are a great way to make money and lead an independent career. Other times, businesses need to purchase a fleet of trucks to help expand their operations.

The reality is that trucks are an expensive investment. A new truck can cost anywhere from $80,000 to as much as the cost of a house. Since few businesses can afford this heavy cost outright very often they need the help of a financier who understands the industry.

Those who have less than perfect credit history may never get this chance. Bad credit truck financing can be hard to come by, but not for people who know where to look.

NuStart Finance has a team of experienced consultants work hard to find a financier that can give your business a fighting chance. We have helped hundreds of people get the big haulers and tippers they need to be productive and grow their enterprise.

Bad Credit Truck Financing

Sometimes our financial history can come back to haunt us, even when payments have been settled and resolved. In some situations people with perfect personal histories can find it tough to get a truck loan without an adequate credit file.

We have helped people who’ve had:

  • Defaults or had vehicles repossessed
  • Rocky credit records
  • Self-employment
  • Little professional financial history
  • Low documentation

Alternatives to Financing

Sometimes, the usual truck loan may not be the answer your business needs. We can locate Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase agreements to get you the trucking equipment you need. We work fast and will guarantee that you won’t have a heavy financial burden weighing your statements down.

Get in touch with one of our experienced truck loan consultants on 1300 883 983 for easy to get truck finance that works for you. You could be based anywhere in Australia like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and our experienced team could organise your truck finance application and take the stress out of buying a truck.


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