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Bad credit shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the thrill of riding a motorbike. Let the experienced consultants at NuStart find a way to get you two wheels of your own.

Nothing beats the freedom of the wind whipping past you while you cruise down the road on your own motorbike.

Start your adventure today and Apply Online for Motorbike Finance

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If you need finance to purchase your motorbike, you could enjoy a number of loan features such as:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Affordable payments
  • Low or no collateral required
  • Fixed interest for some loan types
  • Flexible payment term options

Build Your Credit File

A Motorbike Loan could be the perfect for building your repayment history over again. Motorbike finance is just as easy to obtain as for cars, trucks & vans. This could make it easier to get approval for your new or used motorbike. Bad credit motorcycle finance could be your ticket down a new road to financial freedom.

Options for Businesses and Individuals

Motorbikes are already cheaper than most other vehicles. Drivers with bad credit who want a motorbike can make their financing even more favorable by exploring other options for purchasing.

Secured Motorbike Loan

Applying for a secured loan may increase your odds of getting approved. Secured loans can also help lower interest rates in many instances. These loans work by ‘securing’ the amount of the loan with a piece of personal property. With bad credit motorbike financing, the security usually comes from the bike itself.

  • Lower risk to financier, who passes savings onto consumer
  • Usually lower interest rates
  • Fixed repayment plans
  • Flexible loan terms from 1-7 years

Chattel Mortgage

If you use your motorbike for business more than 50% of the time, you could be eligible for a Chattel Mortgage. These loans work very similar to secured loans, except they are optimised for businesses. They can also come with tax benefits or GST input credits for eligible operations. Seek advice from your Accountant about the specifics of your situation.

  • Quick way to expand fleet
  • Perfect for delivery operations or low-cost/short distance office travel – thought this was for business use ?
  • Possible tax benefits (ask your accountant)
  • Can be registered as business property

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase can be thought of as a ‘Hire to own’ program. The financier retain ownership of the motorbike you want and hires it out to you for a regular payment. You accumulate equity in the asset as you pay for it and at the end of the agreed term it becomes yours!

  • Available for business use
  • Have your motorbike with next to no up-front investment
  • Low risk for financier and driver
  • Can be considered off balance sheet for some businesses

You can call us from anywhere in Australia such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and we could organise motorbike finance for you. Talk to one of our experienced consultants on 1300 883 983 and apply for bad credit motorbike finance.


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