Worried about finance? We can help you!

NuStart helps clients obtain finance for their business, even if you have a less than perfect credit history you can get equipment to expand your business’s potential.

While ideas plant the seed for businesses, equipment is what lets them grow. Businesses need to remain competitive and sometimes this means they’ll need to upgrade or purchase equipment that will ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Engineer Teaching Apprentices To Use Tube Bending Machine

Whether your business lacks tractors, trailers, trucks, construction equipment or industrial manufacturing machines, we could find a financier willing to work with you and get the capital you need. Apply Online Today.

Get bad credit equipment finance through NuStart and enjoy some of the following features:

  • Low risk leases and other loan options
  • Potential tax benefits — consult your accountant for details
  • Low doc & no doc loans available
  • Low interest & comparison rates

Bad Credit Doesn’t Mean Bad Business

Managing business accounts can be an incredibly tough task. Sometimes, you run into trouble with a situation that was out of your hands. We believe that every business deserves a second chance. Our experienced consultants work with financiers who work with you and get your business the capital needed to grow and improve.

Bad Credit Equipment Options:

There are many different options businesses can choose from when it comes to bad credit equipment finance. These can include:

Low doc loans:

Secure financing for the equipment you need with potentially lower document requirements without having to prove where every last penny came from and where it went.

Secured financing:

Back your loan with collateral, freeing you up for more flexible terms, fixed interest and less pressure from your financier.

Chattel Mortgage:

Equipment could be eligible for a chattel mortgage if it’s being used for business more than 50% of the time. These agreements can come with potential tax benefits and GST input credits depending on on your individual situation — ask your accountant for specific tax benefits that may apply to your business..

Tax Based Finance Lease:

Let the financier worry about ownership costs; this agreement lets you lease the machines of your choice with no capital outlay. In this situation the financier owns the asset, you simply pay the rental and take ownership at the end of the agreed term.

Hire Purchase:

Buy your equipment in installments without having to tangle with ownership and asset declarations. Gain equity in the asset as you pay for it. At the end of the arrangement, the asset becomes yours to keep or do with as you please!

There are countless options for businesses with bad or unestablished credit. We could help if you’re a sole trader, in a partnership, or large business to find ways to get vital equipment that keeps the revenue flowing.

We have helped hundreds of businesses get the equipment finance they need. You could be based anywhere in Australia like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and our experienced team could organise your application quickly. Get finance quicker through NuStart and call 1300 883 983 today!


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