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Not all finance brokers are equal

Posted 27th December, 2012 in 2012

NuStart Finance brokers have an immense pride and take great satisfaction from assisting their clients. After all you can’t just become a NuStart Finance broker without extensive training and displaying a deeper empathetic understanding of client needs. Chris Baker, General Manager and Principal of NuStart Finance explains. “The section process to be considered as a NuStart Finance broker is exhaustive and is weighted on a candidates personal character equally with their commercial acumen and industry exposure. We assist clients who have experienced credit problems, sometimes these problems have been the result of financial neglect or miss management however it is becoming more common place that life events have impaired our clients ability to gain finance approvals through the banks. Hence it is important that our brokers are sensitive to the individual needs and expectations of each and every client”

The NuStart Finance business has a long established reputation for excellence in customer service through its Your Choice Credit roots. “I want my clients to be fully satisfied and know that we truly care about each of their individual cases says General Manager/Principal Chris Baker. So my colleagues and I began a detailed review of the training requirements and competencies needed to leverage the success of Your Choice Credit into the NuStart business. We are constantly challenging ourselves to achieve better outcomes for our clients.
NuStartFinance.com.au is a user friendly website connecting customers in need of car finance to business who can help. The service has been designed with a single specific goal in mind. ‘To provide quality assistance to people with bad credit, assisting them to obtain car finance’.

The NuStart Finance system works because of its ingenious, pre-approval processes, professional brokers and attention to detail employed with each and every applicant.

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